Lunar Embassy

His business, called Lunar Embassy, is booming. Hope claims that, so far, former presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter have bought acres of moon land from him, as well as the hotel corporations Hilton and Marriot. Over 400 million acres have been sold so far, at a rate of 1,500 lunar properties per day. What’s more, the sale of these lunar acres has brought in profits totaling million.

If you do not want to spend a substantial amount of money for this kind of enhancement, you can opt to just paint a few parts of your house. Of course, you should choose a color that would perfectly match the old paint.

Perhaps, the only way dreams can die is when those who believe in their power give up on them. Don’t stop in dreaming of your own Hill Country TX real estate. Follow it through with effort and perseverance-and the American Dream will come to life.

You also get “one hour’s rest”. That does not mean a clean shower and clean sheets! It does not mean sleeping! It means; rest. You may have to sit down in a foxhole that got three inches of water in it. Or try to keep hold of the side of a life raft, while the sharks circle to see who’s coming to dinner! But you get that one-hour rest.

The GDP growth hasn’t been appreciative, but mirroring the economic recovery, the GDP is supposed to grow in the next year. This augurs well for the real estate in Norway. The wages are set to increase by 3.4% by 2011 and the unemployment levels are at the lowest in Europe at 3.7%. The combination of all these factors will cause cheer for the Norway real estate government.